Winter Solstice - Birthing a New Self

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

As we hold vigil for the Sun's rebirth, what does the Winter Solstice mean for us, psychologically? Spiritually? What is being asked of us?

The Great Mother, Lismore Lantern Parade 2018

It is 3:30 am on the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice. Earlier this evening, I went to Lismore's annual Lantern Parade. What a vibrant, creative community event! And what a gorgeous way to collectively hold vigil for the Sun, this blessed Solstice night!! As a Melissae, my heart swelled with joy to watch the Bee lanterns buzzing by, and to see the representation of the Great Mother, all lit up! I love how our community still comes together to celebrate Winter Solstice in this modern day. But I wonder how many people in the crowd tonight understood that we are practising sympathetic magic?? That we are lending the light of our candles, lamps, and lanterns to the Sun ... strengthening it in its birth pangs to be born anew??? I will stay awake all night, as our ancient forebears did, with a candle vigil. What a holy night it is! (I hope you enjoy the photos of Lismore's Lantern Parade, below.)

As I sit here in the dark and the cold, hours later, I ponder what it means, psychologically and spiritually, that we are at this point in the sacred Wheel of the Year? The Sun is being reborn, this night. So too, therefore, is our own Sun. As Above, So Below.

What is the Sun, Astrologically? Among other things, the Sun represents our sense of Self - our self-identity and self-awareness. It represents our core essence; our basic energy of Being. The Sun gives us our sense of integrity and cohesiveness, and our Will to exist. It is through our Sun that we shine our Light into the world. It can therefore find itself being challenged by the external world to either become something that it is not, or be destroyed. The Sun in our Chart challenges us with three important questions:

1. Do you know who you are?

2. Are you right about that?

3. How accurately do you show this to the world?

Everyone has a telos, an ultimate purpose or reason for Being. For example, the acorn's telos is to become an oak tree. It can never become a peony or an orange tree, no matter how adamantly the external world may insist that orange trees are far more desirable than oaks. The acorn can only become an oak tree! If this is honoured, nurtured and protected, then it has the potential to grow into a powerful, mighty oak that can live for thousands of years! From its own acorns, it can birth an entire forest! However, insisting it become otherwise will lead to it becoming nothing more than a weakened, twisted, and stunted oak. Either way, it's still an oak tree. Get it? As Einstein is said to have quipped, "Everybody is born a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it's stupid."

So, again ... let's look at the Sun's first two challenges: Do you know who you are? Are you right about that? Know thyself! Are you an acorn that believes it should be able to bear oranges, because that's what you've been told so many times? Have you internalised this message to the point that others no longer need to insist you become an orange tree, because you're the one with the big stick now, forcing the issue on yourself, and judging yourself harshly for the lack of oranges on your branches? Or do you know that you're an acorn, here to grow into a mighty oak?

And, if you have clearly realised that you're an acorn, how self-actualised are you? How accurately do you show this to the world? How strongly do you answer the Sun's third challenge? Do you allow yourself to shine as your true Self, as a mighty oak tree? Or, despite this accurate self-awareness, do you hide your truth in order to protect yourself from further attacks for not bearing oranges or blooming with peonies? Or do you hide the power and might of your oak Self for fear of intimidating the smaller orange trees in your life and, again, provoking attack? Do you have the backbone to live authentically with your Light fully blazing? What will others think? What if they don't approve? What if they tear you down?

Do you have the backbone to live authentically with your Light fully blazing? What will others think? What if they don't approve? What if they tear you down?

Known as the Angel Oak, this magnificent oak tree is between 1,400 and 1,500 years old.

With the dying of the light of the old Sun (the pagan's beloved Holly King), this is a time for letting go of all that holds us back from our true Selves. What parts of ourselves and our Life are we ready to release with the dying light of the Sun? What habits, fears, beliefs, relationships, addictions, and worn out stories truly need to die, if we are to move forward into the more empowered, authentic Life that we can feel calling us? Write these down, and burn them in your vigil candle (if you are keeping vigil). If not, just burn them! NOW is our chance to let it all go!

The Winter Solstice also reminds us of the power of rebirth, for while the old Sun is dying, the new Sun (the beloved Oak King) is about to be reborn for a new year! Have you been feeling the birth pangs??? (I know I have!) Winter Solstice reminds us that when things are at their bleakest, darkest point, and when we are seemingly without hope at all, something shifts … and the Light returns! It is a time to focus on re-birthing ourselves. As Above, So Below! Archetypally, here is the opportunity to birth new plans and dreams into the world; along with clearer, more accurate visions of ourselves and our Light! This is the seed time of the Sun - the New Moon phase of the year. From this day forward, the Sun gets stronger and stronger, as can we ... if we honestly face up to the Sun's three questions!

Finally, the Winter Solstice asks us to remember the joys that we may have sacrificed in our darkest hours. Perhaps we needed to stop playing, and to sacrifice our joys, so that we could endure, step by step, through the darkness. Sometimes, it's enough to just keep breathing. But now that the Sun's light is returning, we are encouraged to remember and reclaim our joy, too!

Are you ready to shine? To play? To be truly seen in your beauty and strength as a mighty oak? Are you ready to shake off all the false information you've been given about who you are? Are you courageous enough to self-actualise, and share yourself with the world? Winter Solstice is the perfect time to reflect on our own, personal Sun.

1. Do you know who you are?

2. Are you right about that?

3. How accurately do you show this to the world?

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Many Warm Winter Blessings for us all! And may the new Sun, the beloved Oak King, safely be birthed this long, cold night. xoxo

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